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Work with Us

  • Below are the pages in the Topic Centre (above) that contain helpful information about what is involved to begin supplying to Woolworths.

    Doing Business with Woolworths

    In this section you will find everything you need to know about the practicalities of becoming a Woolworths Trader Partner (supplier). Download the Vendor Guide for:

    • New Product Presentation checklist - this will help you prepare your presentation to the Business Manager.
    • Woolworths Vendor Number - Section 4 of the Vendor Guide contains the forms you will need to submit in order to start trading with us.
    • Trading Terms - review a sample set of Trading Terms.

    Note: New Vendors are vendors who have products that have been accepted for supply by a Category Manager. The Vendor Guide shows how to plan to supply Woolworths and how to contact the appropriate Buyer. wowlink shows the range of services available to new vendors, however, registration for wowlink is only possible after acceptance as a new vendor.

    Category Development Schedule

    In the Topic Centre, visit the Buying & Marketing section to review the Category Development Schedule. This provides information on the most suitable time to present a new product to Woolworths.

    Contact Us

    Find the appropriate Business Manager to present your new product to, use Contact Us (Supermarket Support).

    Packaging and Barcode Specifications

    Find out how to ensure you packaging and barcode complies with Woolworths specifications. The comprehensive Packaging and Barcode Specification Document can be found in the Supply Chain section of the Topic Centre.